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Monuments and visits

Thanks to its strategic geographical location, close to the harbour of Toulon and Marseille, many military buildings such as the Balaguier museum, the Cap Nègre battery and the Fortin de la Coudoulière have been built along the coast.

Discover also the religious buildings which during the centuries and architectural epochs were erected in our communes: the charming chapel of Pépiole, the Church Saint Laurent or the Collegiale St Pierre, and many others.

Stroll in the typical districts built by the great builders or architects like Michel Pacha in Tamaris or Fernand Pouillon in Sablettes, discover the museums, the thematic houses...
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At the entrance to the Franco-Italian cemetery, on a mound, rises a pyramid of 7.25 m high which contains the mortal remains of Admiral Latouche-Treville, considered at the time as the terror of the ...
Built at the initiative of Jules de Greling in 1873 completed in 1874. Landowski's family realized there's fresco of the heart in 1942, the Stations of the Cross in 1960 and the stained glass in 1973.
Archaeological museum of the city, which presents the artifacts resulting from the excavations carried out on the Celto-Ligurian oppidum of the Courtine by the Var archaeological centre in partnership...
The Celto-Ligurian oppidum of the Courtine is a settlement site from the ancient period, occupied from the Bronze Age until the 1st century BC, whose remains are inscribed on the Supplementary ...
Open during exhibitions. Oil mill, pressing cylinder casings are preserved, embedded in the masonry of the ground floor.
La Seyne-sur-Mer
Build in the heights of the Cap Sicié range in 1879, its mission was to protect the space included between Les Sablettes and the open sea. Today Peyras remains the only German Flak battery in Europe....