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Ollioules and its craftsmen circuit

Holder of the national label "Ville et Métiers d'Art" since 1998, the City of Ollioules welcomes about thirty craftsmen who promote the cultural heritage and Provençal know-how. Most of the workshops are located in the city centre. Ollioules, which combines tradition and modernity, and the craftsman who blends his ancestral gesture with contemporary creation, form an ideal couple.
Ollioules village and its art workshops

All the arts and crafts in the heart of the city

From watchmaking to lutherie, from jewellery to stained glass, or even mosaics, pottery, paper making, bronze or wood carving, painting, restoration of art furniture, ironwork, upholstery, the Marca company (reeds for wind instruments) There are about thirty workshops, economic and cultural actors of the life of our old centre which make it so authentic. 
Wood carver

An art trail designed by the city

Mainly located in the streets of the old town centre, the workshops are open to you. Follow the pathway of the arts. There are road signs at each corner of the street to help you find your way.
Map of the art workshops

The "Galerie de l'Olivier", a showcase for the city's craftsmen

Since 1992, an art gallery, the Galerie de l'Olivier at 5 rue Gambetta, has been hosting exhibitions all year round of regional artists and crafts from Ollioules. 
L'Olivier gallery in Ollioules