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Food Pause in Provence

  • Tapenade
  • Cade made by wood fire
  • Fish soup and rouille
  • Nougat Jonquier

Stopover in Six Fours, La Seyne  and Ollioules just in time for a food pause in Provence

Our territory is attached to the simple joys, a meal with friends or family to enjoy Mediterranean food. Bouillabaisse shared together a good table, a piece of fish eaten on site across the markets, a piece of nougat for the 13 Christmas desserts.

Cade to eat on spot

What better than to enjoy local specialities on Provence markets?
Walk along the markets in La Seyne town center, breathe in the smells of Provence, take the olives, try a crouton with tapenade (a puree of black olives with anchovies, capers and olive oil), enjoy a piece of cade! This thin pancake with chickpeas flour and olive oil is made by wood fire. "I eat it hot on the spot, I get my fingers burned but that’s how it’s done…"

Bouillabaisse on the Brusc fishing port

This fish dish is accompanied by rouille, was made in the past with fishermen’s leftovers. It is now an appreciated dish by all andmakes the reputation of provencal gastronomy. Several restaurants propose this specialty on the lovely port of the Brusc in Six Fours. Sit down around a table with seaview and the Embiez islands, enjoy a pastis accompanied by tapenade. Let’s get serious…first the soup served with croutons and garlic and rouille – garlic mayonnaise and safran – and finally fish, often rascasse, saint pierre, daurade, vive…

Would you enjoy a sweet?

Discover the heart of Ollioules during a historic and gourmet guided tour. Our guide will bring you into the nougat Jonquier fabric. A hundred year old recipe, quality products a good dose of love and secrets. The smell of honey and grilled almonds will bring you to the back of the fabric where Adet Family will show you the know-how of the house.

You are now ready to nap under the pine trees!
Did you know? This gourmet dessert goes into the composition of the thirteen provence desserts. The thirteen desserts are part of the christmpas meridional tradition, thirteen like the chris and his twelve apostles.