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Pet friendly usefull information and numbers

Small reminder of the specific rules for dogs

For a harmonious cohabitation between pet owners and "Humans", here are a few little tips, recommendations and instructions that will allow you to have a good time together.
The national regulations distinguish between 3 categories of dogs 
  • 1st category dogs: Pit-Bull, Massive type, Tosa type, American Staffordshire Terrier type.
  • 2nd category dogs: Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiller breed or type, Tosa breed. Remember that owners of dogs in these two categories must have a licence and liability insurance.
  • Category 3 is for all other dogs. There are no national regulations for category 3 dogs.

Travelling by public transport

The "Réseau Mistral", which manages public transport in the Toulon agglomeration (of which La Seyne, Ollioules, Saint Mandrier and La Seyne are part) is rather tolerant of our four-legged friends.

Indeed, as in most large cities in France, small dogs can travel for free. But large dogs can also board buses and boat-buses, provided they buy an additional ticket (except for categories 1 and 2).


These sanitary facilities are reserved for canine use only and allow the green spaces, streets and pavements to be left clean and pleasant. These sanded areas are cleaned every day by a municipal agent.

In La Seyne sur Mer, you will find freedom areas, i.e. fenced areas for dogs, in the Abbé Pierre Square and the Malsert Square. In addition, the Séverine garden and the Guymier garden offer canisites.

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Dog mess

What should I do if my dog is missing?

Alert the pound as well as the nearest vets and S.P.A.

Dog shelter of the Fondation Assistance Aux Animaux in Toulon - Lagoubran: the shelter welcomes you every day, even on Sundays, from 1.30 pm to 5 pm.
Av. Aristide Briand, 83200 Toulon
04 94 24 25 84
Toulon shelter website

Post search notices on the Pet Alert website on social networks. The Pet Alert 83 Facebook page is very dynamic and often effective in finding your little darlings.

What if my dog is ill?

Don't panic, there are many vets in the area. Here is the complete list of vets in La Seyne | Ollioules | Six Fours.

In case of intoxication ? 

The Centre National d'Informations Toxicologiques Vétérinaires (CNITV) answers any telephone or written request concerning domestic and wild animal poisoning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Veterinary Campus of the Lyon Veterinary School - VetAgroSup
1 rue Bourgelat - BP 83 - 69280 MARCY L'ETOILE
Tel : 04 78 87 10 40
Pet shops, boarding and grooming

Need a new leash, basket or toy for your dog? Has your dog run out of kibble? Here are some pet shops addresses: 

Animalis - Avenue Marcel Paul  

Botanic - Rue de Lisbonne - Les Playes

Aubin Alimentation Animale - Avenue Estiennes d'Orves

Gamm Vert - 546 avenue Jean Monnet 

Maxi Zoo - 278 chemin des Canniers - Zone Commerciale de Carrefour

Euro Canin Services - Route de Sanary 

This list is not exhaustive. You can also find dog food and accessories in agricultural cooperatives, some garden centres and veterinarians.

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