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Top 5 Picnic Areas

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There's nothing like a nice place with a beautiful view to picnic... with friends, family or lovers!

Here is our top 5 to enjoy the great outdoors and the Mediterranean: 

1. Gaou Island, Six Fours:

This is our absolute favorite and we know that many of you are also fans of this magical place! In addition to the beauty of the setting, there are secret coves where you can swim when the weather is right. 
Advantages: picnic tables, creeks, parking (for a fee), stroll around the island, accessible to dogs on a leash, sanitary facilities.
Disadvantages: little shelter in case of strong winds, victim of its success, bicycles prohibited.
How to get there: follow the direction of Le Brusc, go to the end of the port along the coast road of the Paul Ricard Islands to the car park.


2. Fernand Braudel Park and Sablettes Beach, La Seyne:

2 places in 1 with a magnificent view of the Two Brothers. You can choose between the green lawn of Fernand Braudel Park or the fine sand of the great beach of Les Sablettes. The most that will delight your blond heads: the Funnyland amusement park 50 m away in the park.
Advantages: prefer the lawn side in case of wind, 3 free car parks, sports fields (volleyball, petanque), accessible to dogs on a leash, toilets.
Disadvantages: avoid the beach in case of high wind, victim of its success, bicycles prohibited.
How to get there: take the direction of the Sablettes district to the south of the city. Accessible by boat from Toulon via the maritime shuttle 18M.


3. Parc de la Castellane, Ollioules :

A beautiful and very green place on the outskirts of the city with a green track that allows you to take a bike ride, scooter, rollerblades... The atmosphere is peaceful, pretty olive trees come to shade the place, ideal to lay its picnic tablecloth while the children have fun.
Advantages: picnic tables, children's playground (huts, turnstiles, small climbing wall) and multi-play area (basketball, futsal, handball), free parking for 100 spaces.
Disadvantages: no sea view! There is no snack or refreshment bar if you have forgotten the aperitif!
How to get there: the easiest way is to go through Jean Monnet Avenue, turn at the roind-point in front of the Khaan store, go up along the stadium. You will arrive at the parking lot.

4. Pine forest Saint Asile, Saint Mandrier:

It is the ideal place when it is hot enough. The pine forest is very shaded and it is quite large, so there is room for everyone. She is sitting on the beach of the same name. There are a few picnic tables but it is just as pleasant to set up your pareos to get cool under the pines.
Advantages: we guarantee you a magnificent view of the rocks of Les Deux Frères. There are far fewer people than in Les Sablettes for only 3 minutes more by car. There are 2 small car parks on the outskirts. 
Disadvantages: this is not really a disadvantage but we still prefer to point it out: it is a pebble beach. Bring shoes for swimming.
How to get there: you have to go through La Seyne and the Sablettes district, then take the direction of Saint Mandrier. Do not take the small winding road to go to the village. You will have to turn right at the roind-point after the stadium towards the Pin Rolland district.

5. Parc de la Mediterranée, Six Fours:

A very pretty park located on the tip of Cap Nègre with a breathtaking view of the islands and the port of Sanary. The park is very large (7 ha) and you will have only the embarrassment of choice to choose your little corner: in the shade, in the sun, on the lawn, on the picnic tables... At the end of the park is the Cap Nègre battery, an exhibition area with a 180° view of the sea.

Advantages: there is something for everyone: lawn, pine forest, walkways but also a pond with big fish. Games for children (trampo, mini kart, elastics), refreshment bar. A CRAPA for athletes
Disadvantages: parking is not free but at 50 m is located a parking of 200 free spaces
How to get there: coming from Sanary or from the A50 motorway, take the direction of Le Brusc. At the top of the big climb, a traffic light. The entrance to the park is on the right.

The Bonus Advice!!! 

Fabrégas Beach, La Seyne: this pretty black sand beach (which makes it all its originality) will save you if by bad luck, your picnic takes place one day at Fort Mistral. Sheltered from the wind, the atmosphere is warm, like in a small village. In general we don't pass in front of this beach we come here on purpose! Families with children feel safe because the beach is below the road, the fine sand is ideal for sand castles and you can walk very far away. 
Advantages: a free car park with 250 spaces, several restaurants and snacks in the surrounding area, 
Disadvantages: victim of its success in July-August
How to get there: take the direction of the south of the city, route de Fabrégas. Park in the car park located at the large roundabout before arriving on the beach. If you are too busy, you can go down to the beach, drop everything off, and park higher.