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Published on Wednesday November 03, 2021 at 16:44


Expo Electric  à la Seyne sur Mer
A real favourite of the tourist office team, Claude Gassian's "Electric" exhibition at the Villa Tamaris in La Seyne until 5 January is a must for music and photo lovers. Claude Gassian is not known famous, but his photos will speak to everyone. S...
Published on Thursday November 04, 2021 at 14:37

The fountains in Ollioules

Fontaine du Septem
In the heart of Provençal life Provence has long been known for its exceptional sunshine. Water is a rare and yet essential element for life. "En prouvènço, l'aigo vau d'or" ("In Provence, water is worth gold"). It is therefore no coincidence th...
The fountains in Ollioules The establishment of the first populations in our region, at the precise location of the entrance to the Ollioules Gorges; in the confluence of the Reppe and the Destel is not due to chance.   The proximity of the wat...
Fountain Saint Laurent The St Laurent fountain (16th - 17th century, Place Victor Clément) is the oldest preserved and bears the name of the Patron Saint of Ollioules. It has an octagonal basin (attested since 1564, enlarged in the 18th century) in...