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High quality service

Ouest Var Tourist Office: Six fours Les Plages La Seyne sur mer Ollioules Saint Mandrier sur mer (part of the Provence Tourisme Intercommunal Tourist Office) is in the process of classifying as category I, belongs to the National Tourist Office Federation network, known as "Offices de Tourisme de France". 


1 Welcoming customers is our priority

● Providing an easily accessible reception and information area.
● Offering you the possibility to sit down.
● Maintaining a pleasant reception area and ensuring the cleanliness of the premises and the surrounding area.
● Answering letters within 48 hours and emails within 24 hours, throughout the year.
● Providing a thoughtful, fast, efficient and permanent telephone service.
● Training our staff and making them available to respond effectively to your requests.
● Taking an ethical approach with regard to sustainable development.

2 Facilitating access to information and requests

● Adapting our opening times to suit your needs throughout the year.
● Being open at least 305 days per year, including Saturdays and Sundays during the tourist season or for special events.
● Displaying and advertising our opening times in French, English, German and Italian.
● Displaying and advertising emergency numbers in French, English, German and Italian.
● Displaying the availability of certified accommodation during the school holidays on all advertising media, on the website and informing you at the counter.
● Providing free Wi-Fi access.

3 Providing information

● Adapting to the needs of our visitors and customers.
● Informing you about local and national tourist facilities (free of charge).
● Providing a permanent reception service, with staff who speak at least two foreign languages.
● Providing tourist maps, plans and guidebooks.
● Giving you access to our trilingual website: www.tourisme‐
● Offering a tourist information service integrating New Information and Communication Technologies (social networks, mobile telephony, geolocation...).
● Providing printed tourist information in at least three languages about:
► All the certified tourist accommodation available, with at least the name of the establishment, the address, e-mail, website, phone number and the level of certification
► Cultural, natural and leisure monuments and sites with an indication of prices, periods and opening times, and the website, phone number and address
► Events and performances throughout the year
► Emergency telephone numbers.
● Updating this tourist information annually.
● Ensuring that the information on local tourist facilities is up to date and accurate.
● Presenting all the certified facilities in our area for all types of visitor.


4 Measuring the quality of our reception and customer satisfaction

● Making satisfaction questionnaires available to you.
● Recording your comments and suggestions. Processing any complaints within 72 hours.
● Measuring the quality of reception in order to improve it.

Complies with requirements of the brand Qualité Tourisme

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