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Saint Mandrier sur mer

The peaceful village of St Mandrier

Closing the famous harbour, like a lock, the peninsula of Saint Mandrier sur Mer, at the most remote times, was formed by three close islands which became over the centuries "Isle of Sepet".

The Phoenicians, Rhodians, Ligurians, Ligurians, Celto-ligures, Massadians, Romans stopped there. Thus, the bay of Creux Saint-Georges sheltered many navigators and a few huts appeared on the shoreline.
Port de plaisance Saint Mandrier sur mer

A small corner of protected paradise

Equipped with a microclimate, it shelters natural beaches and green spaces marked by the Littoral path. Many events linked to the sea and marked by Provençal traditions, animate it all year round.

Closing the bay of Toulon, like a lock, the peninsula of Saint Mandrier sur Mer, in the most remote times, was made up of three nearby islands that had become "Isle de Sépet" over the centuries
Plage de La Coudoulière Saint Mandrier sur mer
Sentier du Littoral Saint Mandrier sur mer
Cimetiere Franco italien Saint Mandrier sur mer
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