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Monuments and visits

Thanks to its strategic geographical location, close to the harbour of Toulon and Marseille, many military buildings such as the Balaguier museum, the Cap Nègre battery and the Fortin de la Coudoulière have been built along the coast.

Discover also the religious buildings which during the centuries and architectural epochs were erected in our communes: the charming chapel of Pépiole, the Church Saint Laurent or the Collegiale St Pierre, and many others.

Stroll in the typical districts built by the great builders or architects like Michel Pacha in Tamaris or Fernand Pouillon in Sablettes, discover the museums, the thematic houses...
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Vast private residence with structured façade, large window adorned with François I era gypseries decorated with grotesques, doorway in a basket handle four-centred arch, basket handle porch.
Built in 1622, it belonged to Pierre Giraudin de Piosin de Montauban, first consul of Toulon in the 17th century.
La Seyne-sur-Mer
Open during exhibitions and special events, information in our tourist board. Built between 1812 and 1821 upon the order of Emperor Napoleon. It never saw combat, except in 1944 during the liberation.
The Observants, Franciscan monks, undoubtedly under the influence of the local lords, settled in Ollioules around the mid-16th century.
Medieval building, first mentioned in 1096. Extended in the 14th century by the addition of 2 side naves, then in the 17th century by the addition of chapels, all the additions were remarkably ...
At the entrance to the Franco-Italian cemetery, on a mound, rises a pyramid of 7.25 m high which contains the mortal remains of Admiral Latouche-Treville, considered at the time as the terror of the ...
Located on the hill overlooking the village, the ruins of the feudal castle can be visited freely with the help of explanatory panels affixed to the walls.
Pre-Romanesque chapel with 3 naves and absidioles, restored in 1956 by Father Charlier.
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La Seyne-sur-Mer
A luxury resort designed and created ex nihilo by Michel Pacha from 1880 (development of communication routes, a set of 70 villas in the neoclassical oriental style and chalet, 1 hotel, 2 casinos, ...
La Seyne-sur-Mer
A little street art break in La Seyne Are you in downtown Seyne? Do not miss the now famous "Rue du Graff".